San Sebastiano

The School for International Education was born from the experience of the Ca’ Foscari Summer School, operating from 2011 to September 2015. The Ca’ Foscari Summer School was established to offer a summer experience for both Ca’ Foscari students and students from around the world. This Summer School combined intensive academic courses from a variety of disciplines with an active involvement in the Summer community.

The courses organized by the Ca’ Foscari Summer School were aimed at enriching the university experience of students from Ca’ Foscari, as well as students from other Italian universities and indeed from all around the world, offering them the possibility to speed up their tertiary studies and to live a truly international experience, for example within programmes such as joint summer schools (such as the Ca' Foscari - Harvard Summer School and the Columbia Summer Programme) and courses for international exchange students at Ca' Foscari.

In addition to the numerous international acitivities, the Summer School also organized 6-week long academic courses in a variety of disciplines, equivalent to the regular academic year programmes, and brief summer workshops in Art, Science, Economics and Culture. The workshops were dedicated to practical knowledge, the “how to”, and the integration of multi-disciplinary practices, and covered topics from creative writing, journalism, theater and cinema courses, photography, painting, economics and finance and more specifically, management and marketing.