Tentative Programme   Postgraduate Summer School on Green Chemistry

7-14 July 2018 Venice
  9.00-12.00 12.00-14.00 14.00-17.00 17.00-18.00
Saturday 7th July Buffet Welcome
Sunday 8th July Opening Ceremony Lunch Lesson Lesson
Monday 9th July Lesson Lesson Lunch Lesson Lesson
Tuesday 10th July Lesson Lesson Lunch Lesson Lesson Poster session
Wednesday 11th July Lesson Lesson Lunch Boat Trip
Thursday 12th July Lesson Lesson Lunch Lesson Lesson
Friday 13th July Poster awarding Closing Ceremony Free Time
Saturday 14th July Free Time
Sunday 15th July Free Time


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Additional days Friday afternoon 13th - Saturday 14th /(15th Sunday): The Summer School lessons will end on Friday afternoon 13th July at 14.00.

The additional days Friday 13th afternoon and Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th won't be financially covered by the Summer School. Participants who would decide to stay longer would have to pay at their own expense.

Who would like to stay for the weekend in Venice will have the opportunity to enjoy the Redentore Feast on 14th and 15th July: one the most important civil feasts in Venice with the Saturday 14th night phantasmagorical fireworks’ display in Saint Mark’s Basin and the Regatta del Redentore (Regatta of the Redeemer) on the Giudecca Canal on Sunday 15th

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The Summer School would guarantee assistance to participants (to keep accommodation) that would decide to extend their stay for the week-end.