Research for Global Challenges

Ca’ Foscari is highly committed in achieving excellence in research, developing international partnerships and funding promising researchers. Our Research Institutes will enforce this engagement by promoting an interdisciplinary approach to research.

Green Chemistry, Fabio Aricò awarded at the IUPAC World Congress

The prestigious award was conferred in recognition of Professor Aricò’s achievements in employing dialkyl carbonates in biorefinery and bio-based platform chemicals development via chlorine-free chemistry.

Rush to air conditioning pushed by urbanization and climate change

A new study, led by Ca' Foscari professor Enrica De Cian, has analyzed the dynamics that lead families to resort to air conditioning systems and thermal insulation for their houses. 


10 Dec 2019 14:00
Reframing Ecofeminism in a Posthuman Era

Ca' Bottacin, Dorsoduro 3911

18 Dec 2019 14:00
Inauguration Strategy Innovation Hub

Economic Campus San Giobbe, Ca' Foscari University of Venice

18 Dec 2019 17:00
20 Dec 2019 14:30
13 Jan 2020 16:00
Storia Ambientale - Environmental history

Ca' Bottacin, Dorsoduro 3911

29 Jan 2020 17:30
"L’isola dei fucili": book presentation

Ca' Bottacin, Dorsoduro 3911

13 Mar 2020 09:00
Strategy Innovation Forum - Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain impacts on business models

Economic Campus San Giobbe, Ca' Foscari University of Venice

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For the research staff of Ca' Foscari only a membership fee of 100€/year/Insitute will be charged on the individual budget for research.
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