17 Giu 2021 12:00

Cartesian Physics and Their Receptions: Intellectual and Institutional Contexts


Venice-Bucharest Online Workshop in Early Modern Cosmology

17-18 June 2021 -  h. 12 pm and 4 p.m.

Historians of science and historians of philosophy are most of the time in disagreement when assessing the role of René Descartes and of his followers in the development of their own disciplines. This extends to the scholarly weight ascribed to the various components of Descartes’s intellectual endeavor, ranging from epistemology to the principles of nature, to mathematics and physics, physiology and medicine. A more complex narrative emerges from the histories of philosophy and science, which study authors in their own contexts without enforcing more recent categories produced by histories of one or another discipline. This conference explores the reception of Descartes’s physics in a variety of cultural and institutional settings. Rather than revisiting the principles of Cartesian philosophy, it looks at the ‘articulations’ of these principles in the comprehension of the nature and the world. Outcome of a collaboration between the ERC GroupEarlyModernCosmology / FARE project “EarlyGeoPraxis" (PI Pietro Omodeo) and the ICUB-Humanities group “Making Modern Science: tracing the dynamics of a ‘Cartesian Newtonian textbook’ during the Scientific Revolution (PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2019-0841)” (PI the Mihnea Dobre, University of Bucharest), this workshop will include talks by Ovidiu Babes, Fabrizio Baldassarri, Ioana Bujor, Mihnea Dobre, Omar Del Nonno, Rodolfo Garau, Pietro Omodeo, Andrea Strazzoni, and Grigore Vida.

For questions, the link of the event and registration, please contact: Rodolfo Garau (UniVe), 


L'evento si terrà in inglese


Dipartimento di Filosofia e Beni Culturali, ERC European Research Council, FARE Ricerca in Italia: Framework per l'attrazione e il rafforzamento delle eccellenze per la ricerca in Italia, ICUB Research Institute of the University of Bucharest



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