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The European Centre for Living Technology (ECLT) has a YouTube channel featuring webinars, lectures, and events related to ongoing and past research projects.

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31 Jan 2022 20:00
12 Feb 2022 13:00
21 Apr 2022 10:00

Past appointments and news

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ECLT Past Seminars&Events
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Christmas Lectures

file pdfProf. Metin Sitti - 2021
Physical Intelligence of Small-scale Robots and Organisms
589 K
file pdfProf. Mathew Diamond - 2020
An attempt to unify diverse forms of perceptual memory
488 K
file pdfProf. Andrea Rinaldo - 2019
River Networks as Ecological Corridors
523 K
file pdfProf. Stefano Ruffo - 2018
The Spontaneous Emergence of Collective Phenomena: From Magnetization to Synchronisation
554 K
file pdfProf. Steen Rasmussen - 2017
The New Technologies and How They Change What It Means to Be Human
537 K
file pdfProf. Luc Steels - 2016
Will artificial intelligence rule the world?
207 K
file pdfProf. Nello Cristianini - 2015
The Future of the Individual in the Age of Big Data
170 K
file pdfProf. Marcello Pelillo - 2014
The Road to Discovery: Creativity and Scientific Research
192 K