Artistic Management

What is a Minor

A Minor is a taught study course composed of three modules of 6 ECTS each, that allow you to widen your studies with a glimpse at subjects that fall outside of your principal subject.
Passing the three exams required by the Minor, you will get a certification of the course you attended.


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Objectives and content

In the Minor in Artistic Management the techniques of artistic expression are learned and put into practice, requested more and more by the companies for their own storytelling but also to introduce and reinforce the cultural variable in the workplace. This responds to the growing interest of companies for managerial figures with transversal skills, both creative and technical.

This Minor creates a new kind of manager, aware of the resources offered by the languages of art. They will thus be able to generate change by acting on the organisational culture of companies and on the emotional and creative potential of the people who work there. This is the potential that arises from the crossroads of narration (writing), image (video), word and body (theatre) that overcomes sectoral languages and enriches the cultural baggage of creative skills.

Participating students will be guided towards designing a business reality narrative through the elaboration of texts to a business reality by elaborating texts, videos and staging, one for each course.

This Minor is taught in Italian.

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The Minor is aimed at: all students enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree programme at the university.

Most lessons are part of a business storytelling workshops. Attending these activities is mandatory in order to sit the exams.

How to enrol

Enter the Minor into the study plan

The Minor is a study course divided into three classes of 6 ETCS each, a total of 18 ETCS .
By completing the study plan, you can sign up for two Minor exams out of the free choice exams, for a total of 12 ETCS, while the third (6 ETCS) must be included in the supernumerary exams.
Business Administration students have a study plan which involves 18 ETCS of free choice, for which they may not have recourse to supernumerary credits.

Apply for the Minor

You can choose which year to attend the Minor classes and take the exams. We suggest that you check your degree programme provides specific indications for the amount of free choice exams.

Enrolment in single Minor classes

You can also add single Minor exams to your study plan without completing the entire course. Even in this case, you will need to fill out the registration form, specifying your choice.

Modules that make up the Minor

Academic year 2019/2020

Curriculum PERCORSO COMUNE (Students enrolled till 2019)