14 Jun 2021 12:00

Sustainability assessment of innovative circular processes in the aquaculture sector

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Cristiano Silvio, DAIS - Ca' Foscari

Titolo: Life-Cycle Assessment for the sustainability evaluation of recent European innovations for aquaculture by-product circular valorisation

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The webinar presents the  assessment of the  sustainability performances of ecological intensification innovations developed within Horizon 2020 project GAIN - Green Aquaculture INtensification in Europe, coordinated by Università Ca' Foscari Venezia. Innovations deal with the possibility to reuse and valorise current by-products from salmon farming: namely, sludge and fish mortalities, through new filtering and drying systems and procedures. Savings connected to avoided treatment products and avoided discharge all sum up to savings connected to the reuse of newly treated by-product as secondary products (ingredients in fertilisers or pet food, biomass, etc.). The evaluation is based upon the standard approach of Life-Cycle Assessment, and some impact category indicators are calculated and discussed, ranging from Global Warming Potential to Cumulative Energy Demand. All innovations show improved performances, although differences are found among different solutions and end-of-life reuses.

Bio Sketch:
Silvio Cristiano, PhD, is a civil and environmental engineer with doctoral and postdoctoral experience in integrated sustainability assessment, with transdisciplinary approaches and records ranging from physics, ecology, and environmental chemistry through to urban planning and metabolism. Among its skills, systems thinking, eMergy accounting, and Life-Cycle Assessment. Since 2020 he has been involved in H2020 projects GAIN and NewTechAqua, leading or contributing to the environmental assessment of aquaculture innovations.


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Roberto Pastres

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