03 Dec 2021 15:00

The Ascent of Computer


"The Ascent of Computer"

Sergi Valverde
Fellow of ECLT and complex systems scientist and head of the Evolution of Technology Lab (ETL) at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC)

3rd December 2021, 3 PM CET

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The evolution of computing is an example of a major, transformative technological adaptation still unfolding in human history. Information technologies are supported by many other knowledge domains that have evolved through a cumulative cultural process, yet at the same time computing affects the tempo and mode of cultural evolution, greatly accelerating innovation processes driven by recombination of present technologies. Computing generated entire new domains for cumulative cultural evolution, furthering an era dominated by digital economies and media. These new domains offer very desirable qualities for cultural evolution research and digital archaeology, including good coverage in data completeness in widely different aspects of human culture, from social networks to innovation in programming languages
In think talk, we will review the major transitions in information technologies, with especial interest in their connections to a biological evolutionary framework. We are particularly interested in the symbiotic software vs. hardware evolution, which display strong social dependencies as well as an extrinsic fitness due to energetic and temporal constrains. Properly accounting for the interplay of these material and social factors can explain the coexistence of gradualism and punctuated dynamics in technological evolution. 

Bio sketch

Dr. Sergi Valverde is complex systems scientist and head of the Evolution of Technology Lab (ETL) at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC).
Born in Barcelona, studied computer science and physics and worked for a while as professional game developer (1997-2002). Sergi's scientific career was mentored by ICREA Professor Ricard Solé (Complex Systems Lab, 2003-2016) and was very fortunate to travel to the Santa Fe Institute for many years. His published research deals with complex networks, collective intelligence, and computational models of evolutionary and ecological processes. He is currently working in an evolutionary theory of technological innovations.



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