03 Dec 2021 11:00

Reaxys: a chemical database designed by chemists

Sala Conferenze Orio Zanetto, Campus Scientifico di via Torino, Mestre

Relatrice: Dott.ssa Marta Da Pian, Elsevier


Chemists in every field search for chemistry literature and bioactivity data, so why not learning how to query and filter for chemical substances and reactions with our database?

You will be empowered to more consciously design your reaction based on the most recent literature, study your target compounds, investigate recent patents and carefully plan the budget needed for your experiments. Designed by chemists, Reaxys is more than chemistry database, it’s a cheminformatics solution that delivers chemistry facts the way chemists need them.

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Biblioteca di Area Scientifica, Dipartimento di Scienze Molecolari e Nanosistemi


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