Organization and Decision Making 
Advanced Courses a.y. 2023/2024

About Advanced Courses

Advanced Courses are designed to deepen students’ understanding of topics deemed particularly significant and relevant to disseminate scientific knowledge, thus improving the skills acquired with the academic curriculum. The Courses consist of two or three modules of 6 CFU/ECTS each, for a total of 12 or 18 CFU/ECTS.

By passing all the exams, you will obtain a certificate of the course you have completed and an Open Badge: a digital certificate describing the skills you have acquired. If you do not pass all the exams, you will only receive a certificate for the exams you have taken.

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The Advanced Course in Organisation and Decision Making focuses on topics at the frontier of research in Organisation Studies and Behavioural and experimental economics: students are introduced to research questions and theoretical approaches used to study organisations, as well as to individual and interactive decision-making and experiment design.


Students will acquire the fundamentals of managerial and organisational disciplines and the ability to critically analyse problems and issues of scientific and practical relevance. Topics will be seen in relation to behavioural patterns and decision-making and sense-making processes at both individual and organisational levels.

The Advanced Course offers content and knowledge that, although developed in the field of management, are also relevant for students from other fields. Participants will acquire the ability to create effective communication with regard to sense-giving so as to activate a sensemaking process in different types of audiences.

Teaching methods

Students are encouraged to critically assess theories, practices and events through innovative and highly interactive teaching approaches. Teaching methods include traditional lectures and in-class guided discussions on theoretical papers presenting recent developments in empirical research. The course is also intended as an introduction to experiment design. The final assessment is based on an active learning approach whereby each student is required to submit a draft of an empirical research project on a topic chosen in agreement with the professor.



Heads of studies

Prof. Anna Comacchio
Prof. Massimo Warglien

Modules of the Advanced Course

Academic year 2023/2024

How to enrol in the Advanced Course

The course is open to a maximum of 15 participants, who will be selected through a dedicated call for admission between September and October 2023. To be admitted, students must have a Bachelor's degree. Any further requirements will be listed in the call for admission.

Classes will be held during the 3rd period. Admitted students may enrol according to the deadlines defined in the call for admission.

Enrolment in the Advanced Course is valid for one year. It is mandatory to attend all the modules in the same year and take the exams in the four exam sessions available in each module. You will not be allowed to complete the Advanced Course the following year.

Withdrawing from the Advanced Course is possible: filling the withdrawal form, you must attach the receipt of the online payment of the duty stamp (16 euros). You can find the withdrawal form within the FAQs. Please, be aware that enrolling again after the withdrawal will be at your expense.

Advanced Courses are free of charge for all students enrolled in a Master's degree or a PhD programme at Ca' Foscari.
Make sure you have finalised the enrolment in your degree programme before signing up for the Advanced Course, or else you will be charged a fee of 496 euro (480 euro + 16 euro duty stamp).
Once enrolled, you can complete the Advanced Course even after your graduation: it is however very important that your enrolment at Ca' Foscari is in order when you join the Advanced Course.

If you are not enrolled in a Ca' Foscari Master's or PhD programme, you can enrol in the Advanced Course as an external user by paying an enrolment fee of 496 euro (480 euro + 16 euro duty stamp).

If you are enrolled at another University, the fee is 336 euro (320 euro + 16 euro duty stamp). Before proceeding with the payment, please contact the Enrolment Unit through the web portal We will get back to you with information on how to pay the reduced fee.