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Study plan

PhD & Master study plan

I term - foundations

PhD and Master students must select four courses out of seven

  1. Introduction to climate dynamics
  2. Atmospheric dynamics
  3. Numerical methods and modeling for geophysical fluid dynamics
  4. Mathematical methods for climate change analysis
  5. Statistical methods for clymate change analysis
  6. Climate change economics: theory, methods and applications
  7. Other Methods and Tools for Climate Change Analysis - Econometrics & Machine Learning

II term: methods

PhD and Master students must select four courses out of eight

  1. Climate of the past
  2. General circulation models:

    • Part I, atmosphere and ocean coupling
    • Part II atmosphere and land surface

  3. Climate dynamics and predictability
  4. Geophysical fluid dynamics
  5. Ocean dynamics - Ocean & Marine Ecosystem
  6. Decision theory and multi-criteria analysis
  7. Climate change and Environmental Contamination
  8. Climate Risk Modelling and Assessment

III term: insights and applications

PhD and Master students must select four courses out of eigth

  1. Polar climate and sea ice
  2. Advanced topics in geophysical fluid dynamics
  3. Socio-economics impacts of climate change and adaptation strategies 
  4. Risk assessment and decision support system for environmental impacts of climate change
  5. Adaptive management of natural resources and agricultural systems
  6. Climate change policies – negotiations, implementation and assessment I & II
  7. Natural Climate Variability and its Modes
  8. Ice sheets and glaciers in the climate system:

    • Part I, Geophysical-geological approach,
    • Part II Data-model inter-comparison


PhD and Master students will define their study plan at the beginning of the programme, in agreement with their supervisors, depending on their research projects.
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Academic year 2019/2020

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