Perspectival effects in double object structures with clitics

11 Dicembre 2017 15:45

Aula Sarpellon, Ca' Bembo - Dorsoduro 1405, 30123 Venezia

Speaker: Roumyana Pancheva (University of Southern California)

We propose a theory of two related phenomena concerning person restrictions in clitic double object constructions.  One phenomenon is known as the Person Case Constraint (PCC) (see Anagnostopoulou, to appear, for a recent overview). The other, less well-studied, phenomenon has been called the Clitic Logophoric Restriction (CLR) (Charnavel and Mateu 2015). The CLR, as observed by Roca (1992) for Spanish, allows for 1/2P indirect object clitics but prohibits 3P indirect object clitics, when the direct object clitic is bound by a higher attitude holder. We do not reduce the CLR to the PCC (as was suggested in Ormazabal and Rivero 207 and Bhatt and Šimík 2009). Instead, we suggest, in line with Charnavel and Mateu (2015) that both the PCC and the CLR encode perspective. Apart from this shared core, the two phenomena diverge: the PCC is a syntactic phenomenon with interpretative roots and import (Pancheva and Zubizarreta to appear), while the CLR is semantic in nature.


Dipartimento di Studi Linguistici e Culturali Comparati

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