International Conference on Japanese Language Education (2018 ICJLE)

03 Agosto 2018 09:00

Hotel Hilton e Campus san Giobbe

The 2018 International Conference on Japanese Language Education - Venezia (Venezia 2018 ICJLE)

The 22nd Japanese Language Education Symposium in Europe (AJE)
Dialogue for Peace

August 3-4, 2018

Conference theme: Dialogue for Peace

Dialogue for Peace: What are we teaching and learning foreign languages for?

It is only through dialogue that we become aware of ‘other possible ways of thinking’ and see our own values in a wider perspective, ridding ourselves of all kinds of absolute truths that are exclusive of anything different.

The 2018 World Congress (International Conference on Japanese Language Education) will be the chance to widen our view to take in a global perspective: we cannot consider individual wellbeing without taking into account the society we are all living in.

Local Organizers: Marcella Mariotti, Giuseppe Pappalardo, Alessandro MantelliDepartment of Asian and North African Studies


Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Europe e.V. (AJE), The GLobal Network for Japanese Language Education (GN), Fondazione Università Ca' Foscari, Università Ca' Foscari Venezia



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