15 Nov 2019 10:00

ANNULLATO: The New Challenges for the ILO

Università Ca' Foscari Venezia

L'evento è stato annullato a causa delle avverse e critiche condizioni meteo



Celebrating the 100 years of ILO

Throughout the course of 2019, 100th anniversary of the ILO's foundation, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice organized conferences and lectures in order to raise awareness among young students about labour issues and to involve researchers and scholars in analyzing new labour law scenarios and perspectives. As a conclusion of these celebratory events, on November 15th 2019, Ca’ Foscari University will host the conference “The new challenges for the ILO: mission, tripartism, regulatory mechanism and labour standards”. This call aims to invite the scholars to investigate what the role of this international organization could be in the current international scenario, how it could act to make growth sustainable and inclusive and what impulse it can offer to consider work as an instrument for dignity and freedom.
The theme therefore invites to reflect on the different issues concerning the ILO’s regulatory action, in a global scenario characterised by new evolutionary factors of different nature: geopolitics and economic issues (neo protectionism, nationalism), social issues (growth of inequalities, crisis of labour law), legal issues (growth of soft regulation tools, internormativity), technological issues (digital revolution). Also the ILO Report on Future of work, which promotes an economic agenda focused on the person, represents a useful basis of debate to address the issues of digital work regulation, of universal guarantees regardless of the nature of the work relationship, of working hours and new organization of work etc., and the specific role of the ILO in promoting a better job.

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Department of Economics, ILO, Center of Legal Studies, Master in Labour and Social Security Law, Master in Global Economics and Social Affairs


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