27 Set 2022 09:30

Science Stories: boost your communication techniques in writing and going social

Tesa 2 CFZ - Cultural Flow Zone, Zattere al Pontelungo, Dorsoduro 1392, Venezia

26-30 settembre 2022

9.30-13.30, CFZ -Cultural Flow Zone, Tesa 2

Jacopo Pasotti, science communicator

What do we mean by "framing" and why is it so important in the communication of research?
Why should we use social media to talk about research?
How can we describe our research in engaging ways?

In this short and practice-oriented course, Jacopo Pasotti will introduce you to research communication, with a focus on writing and social media. You will be involved in the simulation of outreach activities and recruitment of potential new students through social media.

The instructor will give you feedback on writing style, storytelling, writing strategies, and on the use of images to communicate scientific research.

Click here to sign up for the in-person training session on 26 September 2022.


L'evento si terrà in inglese


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