12 Dic 2019 15:00

Conflicts arising from the commodification of collective land in Morocco [...]

Sala Morelli, Palazzo Malcanton Marcorà, Calle Ragusei, 3490/D, Venezia

Conflicts arising from the commodification of collective land in Morocco: The struggle of women demanding land rights

Yasmine Berriane 
CNRS-Centre Maurice Halbwachs, Parigi

Introduce Maria Cristina Paciello

Seminario aperto al pubblico

Yasmine Berriane is tenured researcher at the Centre Maurice Halbwachs (CNRS) in Paris. Previously, she was senior lecturer and researcher at the University of Zurich (2013-2018), postdoctoral researcher at the ZMO in Berlin (2011-2013), and associate researcher at the CM2S in Casablanca. She studied at the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen, at SOAS in London, and at Sciences-Po Paris. Trained in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies she is mainly interested in political and social transformations in the MENA States, particularly in contexts where neoliberal reforms and norms are introduced. Her empirical focus is on power relations, practices and institutional changes in these contexts, which she studies by combining ethnographic methods and concepts from different disciplines.


Dipartimento di Studi sull’Asia e sull’Africa Mediterranea (Maria Cristina Paciello), Centro di Studi sul Medio Oriente Contemporaneo


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