20 Mag 2021 16:00

The Persianate World and East Asia: Cultural Interactions and Mutual Perceptions (1250-1500)

Online workshop

Marco Polo Encounters on Iran and the Persianate World - Side Event

An international workshop convened by Francesco Calzolaio


Francesca Fiaschetti (University of Vienna), “Persian and Central Asian Intellectuals in 14th Century China

Kaveh Hemmat (Benedectine University, US), “Civic Lore of the Chinese State from Khatayi's Book of China to Alisher Navai's Farhad and Shirin

Yusen Yu (Oxford University), “Chinese Painters in Pre-Modern Iran

Francesco Calzolaio (University of Venice), “The Ilkhanid Historian Rashīd al-Dīn and Chinese Language

The workshop will be moderated by Laura De Giorgi (University of Venice) and Stefano Pellò (University of Venice)

May 20th, 2021, 4pm - 7pm
Please register at the following Zoom Link


L'evento si terrà in inglese


Department of Asian and North African Studies (Stefano Pellò), MaP - Marco Polo Centre for Global Europe-Asia Connections


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