01 Giu 2021 11:00

“Failure is Not an Option.” The Body Politics in Myanmar Spring Revolution

Online conference

Speaker: Khin Mar Mar Kyi, University of Oxford

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Since the 1 February 2021 coup, Burmese people have shown manifold defiance against the Myanmar military.  After a series of peaceful and creative protests, including tongue-in-cheek Mimi placards, cat-walks of queers, pageants, princesses, and the characters of Harry Potters as well as prayers of sprit mediums, frustrated young women weaponized their sarongs (skirts). The Burmese consider the sarong as a ‘polluted’ item and attach to it the power to destroy hpon (power and charisma), namely male innate supremacy. Specifically, a banner bearing the slogan “Our Sarong, Our Flag, Our Strike” challenged the military, famed for being an institution that acts on the basis of superstition, homophobia and misogyny. The military retaliated the provocation of young female protesters by using gender-specific violence and blaming the women for being “non-Buddhist Myanmar ladies”. This webinar will discuss the body politics of the Spring Revolution in Myanmar, and why young people feel “failure is not an option” to end the structural nature of gender-based violence and to build a sustainable democratic society. 


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Department of Asian and North African Studies (Antonella Diana), MaP - Marco Polo Centre for Global Europe-Asia Connections


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