18 Feb 2022 15:45

HOW IS MANGA? Actual Diversity and Perceived Homogeneity of Japanese Comics

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Dr. Jaqueline Berndt, Professor in Japanology, Stockholm University
Introduced by Vincenzo Morgese, Student Association GESSHIN, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Manga has become a global media, easily recognized by a distinct visual style, certain fannish practices and a particular affinity to franchising – and as such often intermingled with anime. Attempts at enlightening people about what manga really is, namely, media-specific, much more diverse than anime, and not continuously connected to pre-Meiji popular culture, have not proven effective, as, for example, the response by Italian critics to the Manga Hokusai Manga exhibition evinced. Against this backdrop it might be a good idea to shift the focus from what manga is to how it operates (as both a notion and an aesthetico-cultural form), and to move from a deconstructivist to a constructive stance: Which actual family resemblances afford homogenized notions, and what is actually shared across historical, genre-related, and stylistic diversity? Without falling back into essentialism, these questions shall be pursued regarding (a) form (graphic narrative, or visual storytelling), (b) mediality (participations, community-building), and (c) culture (primarily, national associations with Japan). Going beyond the ‘made in Japan’ paradigm, a comparison between Zerocalcare’s and Igort’s comics with respect to mangaesque elements could serve as an interesting case in point.

In keeping with the initial spirit of manga, this event will be held less as a lecture but rather a seminar where all attendants are invited to participate. Jaqueline Berndt (Professor in Japanology at Stockholm University) will deliver a short kick-off lecture from the perspective of Manga/Comics Studies and then engage in a dialogue with Toshio Miyake (Associate Professor at Ca’ Foscari University), before opening the discussion to the floor.

The lecture will be held in dual mode (Presence + Online). If you want to participate at the event in presence, you will receive the indication and the method to get to the classroom via mail. 
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Organized by Vincenzo Morgese, Student Association GESSHIN.
Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, and Toshio Miyake, Associate Professor of the Department of Asian and North African Studies

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Department of Asian and North African Studies (Toshio Miyake); Student Association GESSHIN (Vincenzo Morgese)


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