15 Nov 2022 17:00

Borders, Lines, dumb type Lovers: Mediating Dynamics of Displacement, Border-Crossing [...]

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Stephen Barber (Hamburg Institute for Advanced Study)

Borders, Lines, dumb type Lovers: Mediating Dynamics of Displacement, Border-Crossing, Anatomical Transmutation

This paper explores the past and contemporary status of Teiji Furuhashi’s installation Lovers – made in collaboration with other participants of dumb type – from its first exhibition in Tokyo in 1994 to its recent afterlife reactivations, at venues such as the New York Museum of Modern Art. The paper examines the aberrant dynamics of corporeal and technological migrations raised by Lovers. Although Lovers is the first and last installation work of Furuhashi, it also possesses potential precursors, in the 1880s-90s naked moving figures of Muybridge, in the moving-image experimentation and restricted zones of the 1970 Osaka Exposition, and in the border-crossing preoccupations of the novelist Jean Genet.

Stephen Barber is currently a Fellow of the Hamburg Institute for Advanced Study, and a Professor of Art History at the Kingston School of Art, Kingston University, London. He is the author of many books, including A Sinister Assassin: Antonin Artaud's Last Writings (2022), The Projectionists (2020), and Film's Ghosts: Tatsumi Hijikata's Butoh and the Transmutation of 1960s Japan (2019). He has received awards from many foundations such as the Japan Foundation, Daiwa Foundation, Sasakawa Foundation and Saison Foundation.

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This conference is supported by the research project “Challenging Fe/male Bodies: Queering Corporeality against Power” (Katja Centonze H74I19001970005)


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