12 Dic 2022 09:30

MELMUB - Lingue di minoranza e in pericolo di estinzione nel contesto plurilingue dei Balcani

Ca’ Bernardo Sala B and online

The International Conference on Minority and Endangered Languages in the Multilingual Context of the Balkans (MELMUB) conference is designed to bring together researchers, academics and experts working in the field of multilingualism with a focus on the area of Southeast Europe encompassing the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Turkish Thrace. Its aim is to contribute to the study and discussion of old and new phenomena of linguistic diversity and plurilingual competencies in relation to minority and endangered languages from the perspectives of theoretical linguistics, historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, ethnography, language documentation, linguistic anthropology, ecology of language.

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Day One:; Meeting ID: 838 4361 5546
Day Two:; Meeting ID: 859 0551 8993


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Dipartimento di Studi Linguistici e Culturali Comparati



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