11 Nov 2019 16:00

Risk and Resilience of Systems for Climate and Other Emergent Stressors

Aula Onda Cà Foscari Challenge School (VegaPark Marghera)

Prof. James H. Lambert, University of Virginia, USA

This talk will address risk and resilience in systems engineering for climate change. Climate change combines with a variety of emergent and future conditions to disrupt the priorities for enterprises and engineering systems. Risk are resilience are addressed as the influence of scenarios to priorities. Priorities of systems include investments, assets, organizations, products, services, suppliers/partners, customers, policies/procedures, data, etc. Scenarios of emergent and future conditions of include markets, regulations, environments, behaviors, ecosystems, demographics, missions, agriculture, etc. The principles of a risk/safety/security program are: What is the program scope? What is the allocation of program resources? What is the appropriate monitoring and evaluation of the program? Case studies to be described include coastal erosion (Alaska), energy and microgrids (US military), aviation biofuels (NASA), electric vehicles and advanced chargers (Fermata LLC), container ports (Virginia USA and worldwide), infrastructure of developing countries (Afghanistan), water supply (USA), road corridors vulnerable to economic development (Virginia USA), and disaster response (Brazil and USA). The topics should be of interest to scientists, practitioners, and policy makers.

Bio Sketch:
James H. Lambert, Professor at the University of Virginia, USA, is a Fellow of the IEEE, Fellow of the ASCE, Fellow of the Society for Risk Analysis, and Diplomate of the American Academy of Water Resources Engineers. He is a Past President of the worldwide Society for Risk Analysis ( and Chair of the 2019 Fifth World Congress on Risk, held in Cape Town. He was Chair of the 2015 SRA Annual Meeting, in Washington DC, with over 800 participants. He is Editor-in-Chief (with Dr. Igor Linkov) of the Springer journal Environment Systems & Decisions, and an Associate Editor of the ASCE/ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems. He is a recipient of IEEE, SRA, and other research and teaching awards, including the 2016 R.A. Glenn Best Paper Award of the American Chemical Society, and a national Sustainability and Outreach recognition of the Society of American Military Engineers. His research sponsors have included the US National Science Foundation, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Department of Defense, US Department of Homeland Security, US Federal Aviation Administration, NASA, US Department of Transportation, Commonwealth Center for Advanced Logistics Systems, Virginia Tobacco Commission, Fermata LLC, Port of Virginia, and President’s Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection.


Prof. Andrea Critto

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