27 Gen 2020 11:30

Aliens in ice

Campus Scientifico via Torino - edificio DELTA, Aula 2D

Duccio Cavalieri, Università di Firenze

Titolo: Passengers, colonizers, invaders, how the changing environmental microbiomes can affect the human microbiomes

A critical aspect regarding the global dispersion of pathogenic microorganisms is associated with atmospheric movement of soil particles. Especially, desert dust storms can transport alien microorganisms over continental scales and can deposit them in sensitive sink habitats. Airborne microbial depositions accompanying extreme meteorological events represent a realistic threat for ecosystem and public health. These microbes enter the human body via foods, water, breathing. Therefore, monitoring the spread and persistence of storm-travelling alien microbes is a priority while considering future trajectories of climatic anomalies as well as anthropogenically driven changes in land use in the source regions.

Bio Sketch:
Cavalieri’s main research interest is the application of Genomics approaches to the coevolution of the host and its microbiome in the context of a changing environment. His main achievement are: Elucidating the ecology and evolutionary genomics of the ascomycete S.cerevisiae and its wild sanctuaries, including social insects; the effect of diet globalization on the gut microbiota; the discovery of trained Immunity, i.e. the cross talk between the mycobiome, innate immunity and the gut brain axis. Since 2015 Duccio Cavalieri is Associate Professor of Microbiology at the University of Florence, previously he was Harvard Genomics Fellow and Group Leader (Cambridge, MA, 1999-2004), Assistant professor at the Department of Pharmacology (University of Florence, IT 2004-2010) and Department head at the Fondazione Edmund Mach (Trento, IT, 2010-2015). His work has produced 232 publications with a global impact of over 8800 citations and an H index of 42.


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