06 Lug 2022 11:00

A resource-based model of contracts and transactions and its associated logic

Sala riunioni B, edificio ZETA - Campus Scientifico via Torino

Paolo Bottoni, Università di Roma "La Sapienza"

The effective use of smart contracts requires that the textual (legalese) specification of the contract be accompanied by a precise computational definition of the actions leading to satisfaction or breach of a contract, as well as of their admissible sequences. As contracts can be viewed as prescribing transactional exchanges of well-specified resources among well-specified actors, contract execution can be modelled as following some protocol in a closed world. This suggests a modeling of such executions as interactive processes of formal systems manipulating entities which represent possible allocations of resources to actors, and actions describe changes in such allocations. Moreover, different observers, not directly involved in the contract, can be limited in the set of actors or resources they can observe and, when contracts are maintained on distributed ledgers, they might not have an updated view of the state of the contract. The talk will present different perspectives on the topic and discuss some consequences. In particular, modal and temporal logical operators can be derived from the formalization, providing the basis for reasoning on the past, present, and future of the evolution of the state of a contract.

Bio Sketch:
Paolo Bottoni is Full Professor of Computer Science at Sapienza University. His research interests are in formal methods and model-driven development, and in multimedia applications for digital annotation and cultural heritage. Author of more than 200 publications, he has participated in several national and international projects. He serves as a member of numerous international program committees, as member of the Steering Committee of three series of international conferences, and has been editor of special issues of international journals. He is a member of the Editorial Board of three international journals. He has also promoted workshops on topics related to modelling and development of languages in the domains of software engineering and Human Computer Interaction.


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