Academic year 2014/2015 Syllabus of previous years
Official course title LINGUA GIAPPONESE 2 MOD. 1
Course code LT005N (AF:173548 AR:77754)
Modality Frontal Lesson
ECTS credits 9 out of 18 of JAPANESE LANGUAGE 2
Subdivision Surnames S-Z
Degree level Bachelor's Degree Programme
Educational sector code L-OR/22
Period 1st Semester
Course year 2
Course objectives
The course aims to attain to an elementary knowledge of Japanese Language.
Having passed the first-year exam of Japanese language.
Elementary grammar notions and reading comprehension (30 hours: Giuseppe Pappalardo);
Writing MOD. 1A (30 hours: Kobayashi Reiko);
Speaking MOD. 1B (30 hours: Suzuki Akane);
Textbook exercises MOD. 1C (60 hours: Uemura Kaori);
Free talking MOD. 1D (30 hours: Kobayashi Reiko).
Referral texts
① Mastrangelo M., Ozawa N., Saito M., GRAMMATICA GIAPPONESE, Milano, Hoepli, 2006
② Grammatica di Giapponese Moderno (Kubota), Venezia, Cafoscarina, 1989
③ Shin Shokyu Nihongo Lingua Giapponese, Corso introduttivo I, ed. italiana a cura di S. Dalla Chiesa, Venezia, Cafoscarina, 2005
(http://jplang.tufs.ac.jp/account/login )
④ Shin Bunka Shokyu Nihongo (vol. II), ed. italiana a cura di S. Dalla Chiesa, Venezia, Cafoscarina, 2004.
⑤ Dispensa: Shin perapera (Suzuki A.), Venezia, Cafoscarina (2014/2015)
⑥ Dispensa: Shin surasura (Suzuki A.), Venezia, Cafoscarina (2014/2015)
⑦ Dispensa: Yoi doooooon (Uemura) Venezia, Cafoscarina (2014/2015)
⑧ Dispensa: Jan Ken Pon! (Uemura) Venezia, Cafoscarina (2014/2015).
Type of exam
written and oral
Teaching methods
Conventional. Lectures in Italian and Japanese.
Teaching language
The course of Japanese language is held in two semesters.
At the end of the first semester there will be a:
1. a written test of writing and grammar
2. an oral examination (conversation).
At the end of the second semester there will be:
1. a written test of writing and grammar (with a brief translation from Italian to Japanese)
2. a written translation from Japanese to Italian
3. an oral examination with reading from the textbook, conversation and role play.
The examinations will be completed only by passing both the intermediate and the final tests.
The result of the part 1 will be valid until the first examination in January of the next year. If the part 2 is not passed at the first examination in January, the student has to retake also part 1.
  • Course with sustainable contents
  • University credits of sustainability: 9
  • Lecture notes, material for reference or for self-assessment available online or as e-book
  • E-learning, moodle platforms
  • Use of open-source software