Academic year 2016/2017 Syllabus of previous years
Official course title LINGUA INGLESE 2 - MOD.2
Course code LT502P (AF:211553 AR:103350)
Modality Frontal Lesson
ECTS credits 6 out of 12 of ENGLISH LANGUAGE 2
Degree level Bachelor's Degree Programme
Educational sector code L-LIN/12
Period 2nd Semester
Course year 2
Course objectives
The course aims to provide students with a detailed presentation of the main lexico-grammatical and semantic aspects of the English language, which will be analyzed and described by means of practical exercises and translation activities.

B2 to C1 level of English
The main topics of the course will be the following lexico-grammatical and semantics aspects:
open closed classes of words
word formation and word formation strategies
meaning relations
multiple meanings (homonymy, polysemy)
semantic fields (synonymy, hyponymy, meronymy, antonymy)
semantic contexts (collocation, connotation, metaphor, idioms)
semantic and textual cohesion

Referral texts
Basic references:

Mirella Agorni, An Introduction to Linguistics and the Study of English, EduCatt 2015.
Sara Laviosa, Linking Wor(l)ds: Lexis and Grammar for Translation, Liguori 2005

Type of exam
Assessment methods
The final exam consists in a written test in English on the main topics of the course.

Teaching methods
Lecture and group work in class.
Teaching language
Students will be assigned practical exercises as homework.
  • Course with sustainable contents
  • University credits of sustainability: 6
  • Lecture notes, material for reference or for self-assessment available online or as e-book
  • Use of open-source software