Academic year 2015/2016 Syllabus of previous years
Official course title DIDATTICA
Course code FT0044 (AF:214483 AR:98314)
Modality On campus classes
ECTS credits 6
Degree level Bachelor's Degree Programme
Educational sector code M-PED/03
Period 1st Term
Course year 2
Course objectives
Critically analyze the teaching and methodological models for promoting the re-constructive, hermeneutic and reflective thinking.
Relate the processes of student learning to action intentional and organized teacher.
Take the teaching according to principles of autonomy and responsibility, as an integrated process, pro-action and explanation, reflection and action, evaluation and decision, recognition of talent and guidance to project staff.
Transfer act: the curricula design and simulation of reflective teaching practices, the perception of the problem real, strategies and training practices, learning assessment, evaluation system. Examine the development, implementation and evaluation of training.
There are no prerequisites. All the university students can attend the course.
Conceptual foundations and methodological principles of teaching. Mediation teaching to personalize learning. Quality factors of the processes of teaching and learning. Models of instructional design and organization of the curriculum, centered on: a) objectives, b) content, c) concept maps, d) epistemologies and disciplinary processes, e) situations and real problems, f) design and implementation. Expert teaching methods and active techniques for situated learning. Testing, evaluation and certification of competence.
Referral texts
1) M. Castoldi, Didattica generale, Mondadori Universita, Milano 2010

2) F. Tessaro, La progettazione educativa e didattica, Anicia , Roma 2013

3) A text chosen from:
- M. Baldacci (a cura di), I profili emozionali dei modelli didattici. Come integrare istruzione e affettivita, Franco Angeli, Milano 2009
- E. Damiano, Il sapere dell'insegnare. Introduzione alla Didattica per Concetti con esercitazioni, Franco Angeli, Milano 2007
- S. C. Negri, Il lavoro di gruppo nella didattica, Carocci, Roma 2005.
- M. Santi, Ragionare con il discorso, Il pensiero argomentativo nelle discussioni in classe, Liguori, Napoli 2006
- F. Tessaro, La valutazione degli apprendimenti, Anicia, Roma 2013
Type of exam
Teaching methods
Lectures and workshop. Useful analytical techniques and decision-making (case study, incident, autobiography), simulation (role play, drama, script, in basket), in situation (action learning, demonstrations and exercises), social (brainstorming, cooperative learning, peer tutoring).
Teaching language
During the course each student, individually or in collaboration, develop an argument and explain to the group using the methods of active teaching techniques.
  • Course with sustainable contents
  • University credits of sustainability: 6
  • Lecture notes, material for reference or for self-assessment available online or as e-book
  • Use of virtual forum, blog or wiki
  • E-learning, moodle platforms
  • Use of open-source software