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FT0088 (AF:227579 AR:120260)
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The course aims at presenting the main themes and problems of philosophy, with particular reference to the theoretical dimension of philosophical experience. The course promotes the ability to adequately interpret classical issues of philosophical thought, and to understand the conceptual basis of philosophical inquiry.
No prerequisites.
Knowledge and Wisdom. Part one. Knowledge, theory and philosophical life: key topics of the Western philosophical tradition. The relationships between philosophy and other kinds of Knowledge and Wisdom.
Title: "Difference of positive and negative".
One, among the following texts, chosen by the student:
Parmenide, Poema sulla natura, (ed. it. G. Reale - L. Ruggiu), Bompiani, Milano 2003; oppure: Parmenide, Sulla natura, ed. it. a cura di G. Reale, Bompiani, Milano (2001) 2006(2a).
Platone, Il Sofista (any good italian translation).
Anselmo d'Aosta, Proslogion, Rizzoli, Milano 1992.
L.Wittgenstein, “Conferenza sull’etica”, in Id., Lezioni e conversazioni sull’etica, l’estetica, la psicologia e la credenza religiosa, trad. it. Adelphi, Milano 19762, pp. 5-19.
E. Severino, "Ritornare a Parmenide" e "Poscritto", in Id., "Essenza del nichilismo" (1982), Adelphi, Milano 1995, pp. 19-61 e 63-133.

“Pro-posizioni filosofiche. Antologia tematica del pensiero filosofico”, edited by L.V.Tarca e Th. Masini (being printed). First Part: From Beginnings to Modern Philosophy.

L. V. Tarca, “Verità della negazione. Saggi 2005-2015”, New Edition 2016 (being printed). Four essays chosen by the student among thi first essays of each section, as well as two essays freely chosen by the student).

L. V. Tarca, “Differenza, positivo e negativo. L’esperienza filosofica”, (being printed). First Part.
written and oral
For 12 CFU students the exam (first module) is written. About four questions concerning Philosophers and themes the course deals with.
For 6 CFU students the exam is oral. It is about the student's ability to understand philosophical texts the course deals with.
Head-on lectures and, if needed, experimental didactic activities.

Open Seminar of Practical Philosophy "Starting from the classics", in collaboration with young scholars.
Students are warmly recommended to attend lectures. Those who cannot attend are invited to get through to the professor during office hours.
  • Course with sustainable contents
  • University credits of sustainability: RI
  • Lecture notes, material for reference or for self-assessment available online or as e-book