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2018/2019 Syllabus of previous years
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LT503P (AF:231239 AR:158088)
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1st Semester
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The course Lingua Inglese 3 is part of the "attività formative di base" of the Degree in Language and Cultural Mediation and will enable students to acquire an excellent communicative competence of the English language by means of translation studies methodologies. The course consists is a semestral module which will be completed by applied, practical language classes called "esercitazioni", which will be part of the final exam. The module will explore English text stylistics and will enable students to translate non-specialized texts from and into English. Language competence will be developed at the C1 level of QCER.
At the end of the course students will be enabled to understand and produce oral and written texts in English at a C1 level of QCER; they will be able to recognize and illustrate the stylistic and discursive aspects of English and Italian in a contrastive perspective; they will be able to use the appropriate linguistic and translation studies terminology and will be able to explain the translation strategies to be applied to specific texts types. They will also be able to use the material provided by their teacher in an autonomous way and will be able to self-assess the skills and competences acquired during the course.
Pre-requisites of this course are a level B2 of the QCER and an excellent competence of their native language, usually Italian.
1. Text types in English and in Italian.
2. Stylistic and textual aspects to be analyzed in a contrastive approach.
3. Text analysis in the two languages.
4. Text revision in English.
The "esercitazioni" will focus on the grammar, stylistic and textual aspects of English at the level B2+/ C1 QCER.
Mirella Agorni, Translating for Progress, Milano: EDUCatt, 2016, ISBN: 978-88-6780-941-7
Navigate C1. Coursebook with DVDROM and Oxford Online Skills Program (self-access) 9780194566889 (year 2) senza workbook
MyGrammarLab Advanced (C1-C2) with key and with online expansion 9781408299111, Pearson UP.
The final exam will consist of two tests, a written and an oral one, which will test the competence on the topics explored in the course. Students will be allowed 60 minutes to complete the written test, which will focus on the linguaggi competence developed by means of the translation methodology illustrated in class.. The oral test will assess the students' communicative competence at the C1 level of the QCER and their ability to employ the metalanguage applied to language and translation analysis. The topics explored in the esercitazioni will also be tested in the oral part of the exam.
The two marks of the written and the oral part will be calculated for the final result of the exam
Lectures; seminars in the esercitazioni; self-assessment tests, tutoring.
Lessons will be in English and students must attend the 75% of the course.
written and oral
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