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2018/2019 Syllabus of previous years
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LT006F (AF:233093 AR:157867)
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Bachelor's Degree Programme
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2nd Semester
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Contribution of the course to the overall degree programme goals
This course is a free choice second Language course. Its main objective is to provide students with basic knowledge of Bulgarian as one of the oldest written Slavic languages. The course will introduce students to the phonological, morphological and syntactic structures of the language and will allow them to comunicate with simple texts. The course will also discuss different aspects of the peculiar evolution of Bulgarian as a Slavic and a Balkan language and will introduce some concepts of hiostrical-comparative linguistics relevant to the study of the older stages of the language.
Expected learning outcomes
1. Learning and comprehension.
Students will learn and comprehend the phonological, morphological, syntactic and lexical structures of the Bulgarian Language as a second Slavic or Balkan Language and reach level B1 of the common European system.
Students will become familiar with the communicative strategies applied in the functioning of the Bulgarian Language
Students will become familiar with the basic historical facts of Bulgarian language and the dimensions of cultural environment in past and present day Bulgaria.

2. Capacity to apply knowledge and comprehension
Students will be able to recognize the phonological and morpho-syntactic phenomena of the Bulgarian language.
Students will be able to produce and comprehend simple texts and messages both written and oral according to correct cultural context and conditions of use.
Students will be able to interact in formal and informal situations using the appropriate style and register.
Students will be able to develop a capacity to produce and interpret correctly the basic structures of the Bulgarian language; to develop the capacity to translate texts of everyday usage from Italian to Bulgarian and viceversa; to recognize the differences between the linguistic structures of Bulgarian and those of Italian.

4. Communicative abilities
The students are supposed to communicate in clear and structured way in Bulgarian at an intermediate level using appropriate vocabulary and grammar according to communicative context. They should also be able to interact with their peers and with the professors.
5. Comprehension capacities
The students are supposed to develop specific methodological instruments for the study of the various materials presented in the course.
The students are supposed to take notes and share them in a collaborative way.
The students are supposed to consult critically the reference materials and the bibliography contained in them.

There are no prerequisites for this course.
This is an annual course which introduces the students to the Bulgarian language, its history and culture both ancient and contemporary. The course consists of a general module of 30 lectures and an assitantship of 120 hours for the practical language, held by a lecturer and a native speaker of Bulgarian.
The 30 hour general course will review the fundamentals of Bulgarian as a Slavic and a Balkan language from both diachronic and synchronic point of view. The program will discuss the basic characteristics of the language, mainly in the area of grammar and syntax. It will be shown how the language has acquired its peculiar Balkan features due to which it holds a special place within the Slavic family.

The practical course of execrises will introduce students to essential nominal and verbal morphology, vocabulary and basic sentence patterns which will enable them, at the end of the course, to produce and comprehend more advanced texts in Bulgarian as well as to comunicate correctly on a daily basis.
Assessment methods
The students' progress will be monitored in various ways; the course will finish with a written and oral exam.
Teaching methods
Lectures, seminars e online exercises using the Platform of ezik.bg
Teaching language
Type of exam
written and oral
Definitive programme.
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