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2017/2018 Syllabus of previous years
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CT0384 (AF:233714 AR:147618)
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Bachelor's Degree Programme
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1st Semester
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Teaching primary educational goal in Architectural Restoration is to allow to recognize and describe the characteristics of an ancient building construction, its processes of transformation and degradation, instability events, any deficiencies, the potential it offers, the different ways that can be remedied its incompleteness and solved the usability problems.
Basic knowledge of the history of architecture.
The main topics that will be addressed in the course are the following:
- History of architectural restoration, in order to make notes and describe the main theoretical positions of the discipline, from the founding fathers to the most recent methodological variations
- Knowledge of the architectural well as of relief and on the development of the ability to recognize the constructive and morphological characters;
- Analytical and diagnostic readings, particularly on detection methods and description of the item changes from degradation and transformation processes (reading stratigraphy);
- Development of analytical skills for the recognition of structural damage to buildings processes, both in a static environment that due to seismic events, in order to deepen their knowledge on securing techniques, consolidation and seismic prevention;
- Ability to interpretation and reading of the architectural restoration project intended in all its components, in particular focusing on the relationship between the specialized work of conservation and restoration related to the individual components and the set.
Basic Bibliography:

Doglioni, F., Stratigraphy and restoration. Between knowledge and architectural preservation, Trieste, 1997
Carbonara, G. Approach to restoration. Theory, history, monuments, Liguori, 1997
Doglioni, F., The Restoration. Projects for the architecture of the past, Venice, 2008
Carbonara, G., architecture today and restoration - An old-new comparison, Utet, Milan, 2011
Musso, S., Techniques of Restoration - Update, Utet, Turin 2013 (for consultation)

Gasparoli, P., Trovò, F., Fragile Venice. Urban system wear and tear processes and possible mitigations, Altralinea, Firenze, 2014
Doglioni, F., Scappin, L., Squassina, A., Trovò, F., Knowledge and restoration of Venetian plasterwork and external wall surfaces. Sampling, exemplifying and best practices, il Prato Casa Editrice, Padova, 2017
Oral talk about the program and an agreed bibliography.
Classes will be mainly carried out in the classroom, using type power point presentations with pictures and captions. There will also be a seminar comparing moments. It is hoped the course of guided visits.
  • Course with sustainable contents
  • Lecture notes, material for reference or for self-assessment available online or as e-book
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