Academic year
2016/2017 Syllabus of previous years
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Course code
FT0442 (AF:234853 AR:120658)
ECTS credits
Degree level
Bachelor's Degree Programme
Educational sector code
3rd Term
The course introduces the basic concepts of theatrical and musical iconography and the methodology in the utilization of visual sources for the study of the history of the performing arts.
The course aims to provide also the basics of the history of set design and scenic space, in the context of western theatre from its origin to the present.
The aim is to offer an overview of the theories and technics for set design and making along with the definition of a terminology connected to the past, traditional and current theatre practice.
During the course the iconographic sources are considered like real documents and instruments to be used with their own limits and extraordinary potential.
The most recent applications of digital cataloguing in the field will be shown.

Immagini di teatro, numero monografico della rivista «Biblioteca teatrale», gennaio-giugno, 1996, n.37-38;
European Theatre Iconography a cura di C. BALME, R. ERENSTEIN, C. MOLINARI, Roma, Bulzoni, 2002;
P. BERTOLONE, M. I. BIGGI, D. GAVRILOVICH, Mostrare lo spettacolo Mostre e musei delle Performing Arts, Universitalia, Roma, 2013;
Shakespeare nell’arte a cura di J. MARTINEAU e M.G. MESSINA, Ferrara, FerraraArte, 2003
F. PERRELLI, Storia della scenografia, Dall'antichità al Novecento, Roma, Carocci, 2014
M. VIALE FERRERO, Luogo teatrale e spazio scenico in Storia dell'opera italiana, vol. V, La spettacolarità, a cura di L. BIANCONI, G. PESTELLI, Torino, 1988.
R. ALONGE, F. PERRELLI, Storia del teatro e dello spettacolo, De Agostini, 2016
The course is structured with teacher led lessons and seminaries whose attendance is mandatory.
The study of images examined with ppt presentations during the lessons, represents the methodologic test which will be applied during the exam.
  • Course with sustainable contents