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The course aims to offer prospective managers of international corporations a legal background on fundamental issues of corporate law.
The course shall deal with the main themes of law concerning business and undertakings, offering an overview of the main legal devices that regulate the organization and behaviour of economic actors in the market. In this respect, Italian and EU Laws shall serve as useful parameters, often referring also to further legal systems.

More specifically, the course aims to focus the following objectives:

A. Knowledge and understanding: the student shall acquire the knowledge of the system of normative sources, also at EU level, as well as the understanding of principles, involved interests and rules of the Italian commercial law; the student shall also know and understand the methodological aspects of commercial law and its independence with regard to the other fields of private law.

B. Applying knowledge and understanding: the student shall acquire the ability to apply principles and to analyse the principal controversial aspects of entrepreneurial and corporate law, also through the analysis of norms and case law.

C. Making judgements: the student shall develop his/her analysis and judgement skills on entrepreneurial and corporate law, with regard to the ratio and to the interests that are brought into consideration by the law.

D. Communication skills: the student shall acquire the ability to use the lexicon of commercial law in speaking and writing expressions.

E. Learning skills: the course will help students to develop their learning skills for the prosecution of the graduate formation, by developing their individual study and self-evaluation skills through guided exercises.
Introduction to Law
The course includes all the following topics:

I. The Entrepreneur
II. Definition and transfer of the business
III. Competition law
IV. Identification marks
V. Copyright
VI. Partnerships
VII. Corporation among jurisdictions
VIII. Winding up and liquidation of companies
IX. Corporate group
X. Business combinations
For attending students, for the topics related to the Italian Law: Gabriele Varrasi, Italian business law, Giappichelli Editore, Torino, 2015. Further readings related to EU Law and other European jurisdictions will be suggested and made available during the course.

For non-attending students, I recommend studying the book Reinier Kraakman et al. (eds.), The Anatomy of Corporate Law, Oxford University Press, 2017.
The exam is written, in multiple choice format. Students can also make a presentation of one of t papers which will be suggested during the course, with a neutral or positive impact on overall grade.
Traditional lecturing. Attendance is advised.
Students may make a presentation of one of the articles or papers which will be suggested during the course, with a neutral or positive impact on overall grade.
  • Course with sustainable contents
  • Lecture notes, material for reference or for self-assessment available online or as e-book
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