Academic year
2017/2018 Syllabus of previous years
Official course title
Course code
LT006I (AF:245648 AR:134186)
On campus classes
ECTS credits
9 out of 18 of CHINESE LANGUAGE 1
Surnames M-R
Degree level
Bachelor's Degree Programme
Educational sector code
2nd Semester
Course year
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The aim of the course is to provide students with a knowledge of the basic structures of written and spoken Chinese.
Only students who passed Chinese Language 1 prova intermedia are allowed to take Chinese Language 1 prova finale.
Principles of grammar and exercises (30 hours).
Conversation practice (60 hours).
Writing practice (60 hours).
Conversation practice in small groups.
Writing practice in small groups.
- Magda Abbiati, Grammatica di cinese moderno, Cafoscarina, Venezia 1998 e succ.

- Magda Abbiati, Materiali ed esercizi per l'apprendimento della grammatica cinese moderna, Cafoscarina, Venezia 2010, part I (also available on the University website:, in the section “Magda Abbiati, Materiale I.S.A.” > Materiali per lezioni > cinese I anno > materiali ed esercizi (I parte)).

- Supplementary excersises are available at the 'Centro Multimediale' website:

- Magda Abbiati, Zhang Ruoying, Dialogare in cinese: corso di lingua colloquiale, vol. 1, Cafoscarina, Venezia, 2010.

- Listening practice excercises are available among the Materiale I.S.A. of prof. Abbiati: Materiali I.S.A./Esercitazioni/Cinese I anno.

- Magda Abbiati, Chen Liansheng, Caratteri cinesi, Cafoscarina, Venezia, 2001.

- Online writing practice exercises are available at: .

One of the following DICTIONARIES:

Giorgio Casacchia, Bai Yukun, Dizionario Cinese-Italiano, Cafoscarina, Venezia 2013.

Zhao Xiuying, Il dizionario di Cinese. Dizionario Cinese-Italiano, Italiano-Cinese, Zanichelli, Bologna 2013.

Rosa Lombardi (a cura di), Cinese, Garzanti, Milano 2012.

Zhang Shi Hua, SFLEP Dizionario Conciso Italiano-Cinese Cinese-Italiano, Waiyu jiaoyu chubanshe, Shanghai 2006 (riedizione italiana: Dizionario cinese-italiano italiano-cinese, Hoepli, Milano 2007).

Wang Huanbao, Wang Jun, Shen Emei, Ke Baotai, Modernissimo dizionario italiano-cinese cinese-italiano, Waiyu jiaoxue yu yanjiu chubanshe, Beijing 2000 (riedizione italiana: Dizionario cinese. Italiano-cinese cinese-italiano, De Agostini, Novara 2006).

Zhao Xiuying e Franco Gatti, Dizionario compatto cinese-italiano italiano-cinese e conversazioni, Zanichelli Bologna 1996.
written and oral
Conventional methods
Students get 18 credits by passing both the first term exam and the second term exam.

  • Lecture notes, material for reference or for self-assessment available online or as e-book
  • E-learning, moodle platforms
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