Academic year 2017/2018 Syllabus of previous years
Official course title LETTERATURA SPAGNOLA 1
Course code LT0011 (AF:248091 AR:135720)
Modality On campus classes
ECTS credits 6
Subdivision Class 2
Degree level Bachelor's Degree Programme
Educational sector code L-LIN/05
Period 1st Semester
Course year 1
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Course objectives
“Memory and novels of the Spanish Civil War: "Uncertain glory" by Joan Sales and the Spanish Civil War from the defeated, republican side.
Through the most significant novel by Joan Sales and further readings of some short stories, written by some of the foremost Spanish contemporary writers, the course aims at sketching an outline of literature and memory on/of the Spanish Civil War (and the postwar period) and its relationship with today’s Spaniards. The first ten hours of lectures will be devoted to explain the social and political background of Spain during the Second Republic and the Civil War. After that, lectures will be focused on the origins of "Uncertain Glory" and the point of view of this novel on the topic dealt with. The last ten hours of lecture will be devoted to the most recent novelistic literature on the Spanish Civil War and its relation with "Uncertain Glory". At the end of lectures students will be able to better understand much of the novels of/on the period between 1931-1939.
During the course a survey of Spanish literature from 1930 up to the present day, from the Spanish Civil War standpoint will be offered along with an introduction to some of the main issues in Sales' work and in contemporary Spanish history (from the Second Republic to late Francoism). Students are requested to handle the tools for a proper reading of literary texts.
Referral texts
Students are required to study the following books (an alternative list of readings in English is also available for students unable to read Italian. Students are requested to ask the professor during the first lectures).

a) Joan Sales, Uncertain Glory, translated by Peter Bush, London, MacLehose Press, 2014.

Ignacio Martínez de Pisón (ed.), Partes de guerra, Barcelona, RBA, 2009 (Choice of two short stories)

b) Fabio Vittorini, Il testo narrativo, Roma, Carocci, 2008 (integrale).

Andrés Trapiello, Las armas y las letras. Literatura y guerra civil, Barcelona, Destino, 2010 (pp. 27-47, 137-213, 427-487).

Harry Browne, Spain's Civil War, London, Longman.
Type of exam
Assessment methods
Three questions to be answered in a written examination concerning the two main topics of the training program (a,b).
Teaching methods
Conventional lectures with the aid of films, documentaries and interviews.
Teaching language
The course will be taught mostly in Italian: a basic knowledge of Spanish in order to understand the material handed out during lectures is also recommended. Important notice: some parts of the compulsory bibliography will be available in the Intranet.
This course is recommended to students of the international politics curriculum.
  • Lecture notes, material for reference or for self-assessment available online or as e-book
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