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As part of the curriculum of Literature and Culture of the Laurea triennale in Lingue, Civiltà e Scienze del Linguaggio. This course aims to provide students a broad understanding of the historical and cultural context and literary production in Spain of the Golden Age.
1. Knowledge and understanding
Knowledge and understanding of Spain's literary history with special attention to the Golden Age;
Knowledge and undestanding of the literary genres;
Knowledge to read, traslate and analyse critically texts in spanish languages of the Golden Age;
2. Capacity to apply knowledge and understanding
Capacity to apply the critical notions to analyse literary texts (poetry, narrative and theatre);
Capacity to read, traslate and analyse critically texts in spanish languages of the Golden Age;
3. Capacity of judgement
capacity for autonomous apprenticeship that allow students to apply new knowledge to required readings;
ability to analyse critically the literary texts;
ability to make an analysis of a literary text in italian Language.
Knowledge of the Spanish language to read critic and literary texts.
1. The concept of the "Siglo de Oro".
2. The poetry: tradition and innovation.
3. The prose of fiction: the "picaresca" and Cervantes.
4. The "Comedia Nueva": Lope de Vega.
1. Anthology of poetical texts of the "Siglo de Oro" (on line).
2. Lazarillo de Tormes, a cura di Antonio Gargano con testo a fronte, Venezia, Marsilio, 2017.
3. Cervantes, Miguel de, Obras completas, ed. Florencio Sevilla Arroyo and Antonio Rey Hazas, Madrid, Alianza, 1996-1997 (Selection on line).
4. Vega, Lope de, El caballero de Olmedo, ed. F. Rico, Madrid, Catedra, last ed.
5. Pedraza Jimenez, Felipe B. and Rodriguez Caceres, Milagros, Las epocas de la literatura española, Barcelona, Ariel, 1997, pp. 11-161.

Other didactic materials will be put to disposition on line during the course.
Final written test (commentary of 5 literary texts) and oral (history of culture, and literature, and the literary genres)
The course consists of theoretical and practical lessons (analysis of literary texts). During the lessons, the students have to participate actively preparing the texts analysis.
written and oral
Definitive programme.
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