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2017/2018 Syllabus of previous years
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FT0272 (AF:249622 AR:150160)
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6 out of 12 of ROMAN HISTORY
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Bachelor's Degree Programme
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1st Term
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Knowing historical events and understanding their causes; being aware of the main issues related to the history of the Roman monarchy and republic; acquiring the basic vocabulary of history and historiography; developing the principles and methods of historical research.
Course title: An outline of Roman archaic and republican history.

Course contents: Through the analysis of ancient documents (literary texts, inscriptions, coins, iconographic and archaeological sources) the course will provide an outline of the political, social, economic, and religious history of the Roman world from the first settlements in ancient Latium to the fall of the Roman Republic.
Programme for students attending the course (6 credits):
- class notes;
- G. Cresci Marrone-F. Rohr Vio-L. Calvelli, Roma antica. Storia e documenti, Bologna, Il Mulino, 2014, up to p.202.

Students who cannot attend classes must contact the course tutor beforehand.
Literature in English, French, Spanish, or German can be provided to foreign students upon request.
For the students that attended the course, the written exam consists of four questions: three are essay questions, while the last consists of a list of ten different events that must be listed chronologically. For the students that did not attend the course, a five question is provided: it is referred to one of the themes of the supplementary bibliography. The exam’s aim is to ensure the acquisition of the basic knowledge of the subject, both connected to historical events and to the analysis of causes, of the abilities to synthesize information, of the use of a proper scientific terminology. Each answer is judged according to a scale of thirty points, and the final mark is the result of the average of the points earned for each answer.
Regular class sessions. Class attendance is highly recommended.
The course can be combined with another Roman history class as a 12-credit course.

Students who attend this course will be entitled to take part to the seminar activities, stages and training courses organised by the Roman History and Classics faculty during the two terms (the calendar of activities will be provided in class and on the Ca' Foscari website). Students who attend this course will also be entitled to participate to a three-day field trip to Rome that will presumably take place in Spring 2018.
  • Lecture notes, material for reference or for self-assessment available online or as e-book
Last update of the programme: 31/07/2017