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The aim of the course is to provide students with a general overview of the history of Western theatre and performance from classical antiquity to the contemporary age, focusing in particular on theories of directing. The course also offers basic notions on different models of stage design and theatre architecture, and theatrical audience response. Specific attention will be given to acting.
The student is expected to be taking notes autonomously and individually during class and to make connections to the texts in the reading list. During the written exam, the student is expected to be able to answer questions in a clear, organized, and specific way, having acquired the specialized vocabulary.
No specific background knowledge is expected in advance. The student is invited to relate new concepts and information deriving from lessons and readings to the more general contents of her/his course of study, and in particular to situate the history of theatre and performance in the broader context of the history of the arts.
The course will introduce the history of Western theatre from classical antiquity to the contemporary age through the analysis of the main aesthetic currents, dramatic theories, and performance practices. For each historical period we will focus on the forms of persistence of the past in contemporary theatre as well as on the more innovative theoretical junctions, giving broad attention to acting techniques and modes of theatrical audience response.
Storia del teatro. Le idee e le forme dello spettacolo dall’antichità a oggi, a cura di Luigi Allegri, Roma, Carocci, 2017
(EXCEPT chapters 8 and 11 and pages: 262-287; 289-331; 364-371; 467-473; 475-479)

Luigi Allegri, L’arte e il mestiere. L’attore teatrale dall’antichità ad oggi, Roma, Carocci, 2005 (and following editions)

list of videos and related files (see moodle)

Marco De Marinis, In cerca dell'attore. Un bilancio del Novecento teatrale, Roma, Bulzoni, 2000.

The written exam will last for two hours and will include four open questions. Three will be the same for both attending and non-attending students, one will be specific for either group, based on their respective bibliography and videography. Some questions require 10-15 line-long answers, while others require a broader historical contextualization and line of argumentation. Cross-disciplinary observations will be particularly appreciated. Non-attending students are required to read an additional text (see bibliography), on which a dedicated exam question will be based. To pass the exam all questions must be answered. No use of notes or books is allowed during the exam.

The course is held for student enrolled in the previous years (History of the performing arts, cfu 5)
  • University credits of sustainability: 6
  • Lecture notes, material for reference or for self-assessment available online or as e-book
  • E-learning, moodle platforms
  • Use of open-source software
Last update of the programme: 28/10/2017