Academic year 2017/2018 Syllabus of previous years
Official course title ARCHEOLOGIA ROMANA SP.
Course code FM0025 (AF:252235 AR:150306)
ECTS credits 6
Degree level Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
Educational sector code L-ANT/07
Period 4th Term
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Course objectives
Roman sculpture in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale of Venice.
It is recommended but not required that the student should have sustained the examination of Archaeology and history of Greek and Roman art (undergraduate program).
A virtual (and real) visit to Roman sculpture of the Museo Archeologico of Venice from Late Republican period to Late Antiquity: freestanding sculpture, portraits, urns, altars, candelabra and other types of neoattic reliefs, sarcophags.
Referral texts
Lecture notes. Most recent reference work on the subject: G. Traversari, R. Polacco, Sculture romane e avori tardo-antichi e medioevali del Museo Archeologico di Venezia, Roma 1988; L. Sperti, Rilievi greci e romani del Museo Archeologico di Venezia, Roma 1988. On the history of the collection: Lo statuario pubblico della Serenissima. Due secoli di collezionismo di antichità, 1596-1797, Cat. Mostra, I. Favaretto, G.L. Ravagnan edd., Venezia 1997.Suggestions for further readings during the lessons.
Type of exam
written and oral
Assessment methods
The course will be held in the form of a seminar, with topics assigned to each participant in order to develop a written text. The exam is based on lecture notes, on the topics developed during the course and on some further recommended readings. The students who cannot attend the seminar are asked to agree on a program with the teacher, comprehensive of the written text.
Teaching methods
Traditional lessons
Teaching language
The course will have the form of a seminar, and a topic will be asssigned to each student.
  • Course with sustainable contents
  • University credits of sustainability: 6
  • Lecture notes, material for reference or for self-assessment available online or as e-book
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