Academic year
2017/2018 Syllabus of previous years
Official course title
Course code
ET0045 (AF:253251 AR:145138)
Blended (on campus and online classes)
ECTS credits
6 out of 12 of MATHEMATICS
Surnames A-La
Degree level
Bachelor's Degree Programme
Educational sector code
1st Term
Course year
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The course will cover calculus of functions of one and two variables and linear algebra. Several applications to economics will be presented, emphasizing rigor and the need to accurately describe the model.
All the mathematics taught in high school should be mastered. In particular, the content of OFA-Mathematics are assumed to be perfectly known.
The content is as follows (12 CFU, 60 1-hour lectures):

Functions of one variable. Derivation. Optimization of functions of one variable. Integration. Functions of several variables. Optimization of functions of several variables. Linear algebra and systems of linear equations. Application to Economics.

Additional details will be provided at the beginning of the course.
K.Sydsaeter, P.Hammond, A. Strome: Metodi matematici per l'analisi economica e finanziaria, con accesso a MyMathLab, Pearson 2015.

Pay attention: the text is a new edition and allows access to MyMthLab (the student code related to the book has a 18-months validity).
The exam consists is a written open question examination based on the solution of six exercises; three of them related to the first part of the course and three of them to the second part.

Each exercise provides 5 points so that the total amount of available points is 30. The minimum grade to obtain the related credits is 18/30. The instructor can decide to provide the laudem to exams solved exceptionally well.
This course is offered in a blended modality: a part delivered in presence and a part delivered online(approximately, one third if the classes are offered online). For more details, visit the online resources page of the university at

The students attending the course are asked to enroll on the online platform related to the course. For any information, get in contact with the instructor.
  • Lecture notes, material for reference or for self-assessment available online or as e-book
  • Use of virtual forum, blog or wiki
  • E-learning, moodle platforms
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