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ET0080 (AF:259547 AR:151201)
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Bachelor's Degree Programme
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4th Term
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The course contributes to the overall educational objectives of the Bachelor Programme in Economia aziendale/Business Administration, which aims at providing students with basic knowledge on the creation and management of firms. The course is one of the electives suggested in the programme's study plan.
The course mixes traditional lectures and project-based learning. Students, in fact, will be guided by the instructor in the acquisition of knowledge and theoretical constructs related to the processes of firm creation. Constructs and theories discussed in frontal lectures will then be mobilized by students that, organized in groups, will develop a business model of a potential startup.
- know the fundamental principles of firm creation;
- know the crucial theoretical frameworks apt at understanding and explaining firm creation and growth processes,
- know the roles of the entrepreneur and of the management team.

- apply the fundamental process theories on entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on lean startup and effectuation;
- identify effectively and develop the value proposition of a novel business model;
- clearly state the value proposition and the business model of a new firm;
- identify the crucial interlocutors and potential partners that might support the development of a new firm.
- know how to frame hypothesis and judgement on the efficacy of processes and tools aimed at firm creation;
- know how to assess the potential and the growth perspectives of a new firm.
Mandatory prerequisites

ET0078 Principles of Management and International Accounting
ET0017 Economia aziendale

1. Entrepreneurship: logics and processes
2. Developing a business model
3. Identifying beach-head markets
4. Resource mobilization;
5. Presenting and communicating novel business ideas
Aulet B. (2013) Discipline Entrepreneurship; Wiley
Ries E. (2011) Lean Startup, Crown Publishing
Attending students will receive further readings and slides from the instructor.
Non attending students will be evaluated on a written test based on the required readings. The test consists of 3 open questions, two being definitions of crucial concepts and constructs and one a mini-essay (one page) on the startup process.
 Each answer to the questions will be evaluated with maximum 10 points, based on the clarity, the rigour and the completeness of the answer. The student will answer to the questions in 45 minutes.

Attending students will be evaluated as follows: 

50%: team project; 
40%: written exam (10 multiple choice questions and one open question). Each correct answer to multiple choice questions will be attributed 0,7 points, the answer to the open question will be evaluated with maximum 5 points based on the rigour, the completeness and the clarity of the answer. The test will last 45 minutes.

10% individual participation to discussion in class

The course mixes frontal lectures, teamwork and case studies.
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