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2018/2019 Syllabus of previous years
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LM2450 (AF:274285 AR:138662)
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Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
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1st Semester
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This course aims to offer an introduction to critical theory in relation to issues of identity/alterity, culture and power (Cultural Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Critical Race Studies).
The overall aim is to offer conceptual and interpretative tools for an advanced understanding of Japanese cultures and to train participants in oral and written presentation skills.
Knowledge and understanding:
- to know and understand main aspects of issues related to the construction of 'Japanese' alterity in Italian, Euro-american and global contexts
- to know and understand concepts and tools from the fields of cultural studies and postcolonial studies within an inter-disciplinary perspective
- to critically link the topics of the course to knowledge and understanding of Japanese contexts, that may have already been studied in other teachings from different points of view (e.g. historical, artistic, religious, etc.)

Applying knowledge and understanding:
- to analyze and interpret literary topics of the course by employing concepts from the fields of cultural and postcolonial studies
- to apply concepts of critical theory within an interdisciplinary perspective

Making judgements:
- to produce critical judgments on cultural and social issues that are part of the program by using informed and solid arguments
- to subject various types of sources (statistic, academic, alternative) to critical examination within a comparative, trans-cultural and global prespective
- to refine the capacity to criticize essentialist and stereotypical discourses on "Japanese culture" or "Japanese society"

- to express and elaborate the contents of the program in written form, in a synthetic and effective way, without depending on automatic, schematic and mnemonic study.

Lifelong learning skills:
- to know how to take notes in an effective way
- to know how to critically integrate the study of different materials (notes, slides, manuals, academic articles, alternative sources)
- to be able to independently study materials and topics not covered during the lectures
- to refine the ability to study materials in English
- to refine the ability to use the online teaching platform
Japan made in Italy:

1. Introduction to kex concepts of critical theory (Cultural Studies, Postcolonial Studies).
2. Introduction to concepts of race/ethnicity and whiteness/yellowness (Critical Race Studies).
3. Representations, discourses and practices related to 'Japan' and 'the Japanese' in global, euro-american and Italian context.
4. Group research, analysis and oral presentation.
Readings will be presented in classes and will be available together with the slides of the lessons in the teaching materials on line (I.S.A.).
Attendees (12/15 lessons):
- 3 reports during the course on the contents discussed in class and on the assigned readings (25% final grade)
- group presentation (25% final grade)
- individual essay to be discussed during exams sessions (50% final grade)

- written test on all the assigned readings (50% final grade)
- individual essay (50% final grade)

Office hour: Tuesday, from 4 p.m. (Palazzo Vendramin, sala B-ricevimento).
Attendance at each class meeting is expected. Students will be required to complete the assigned readings before coming to class, to present them and to participate actively in discussions.
written and oral
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