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ET2008 (AF:241125 AR:130880)
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This course aims to develop the understanding of the basic issues regarding managing people in innovative and international companies (i.e. multinational enterprises and firms with an international workforce).

The course will provide the analytical tools necessary to analyse people management issues in organizations. The course will develop the competences and knowledge about policies and tools required to deal with people management issues. Main people management practices will be analysed: staffing practices, employees development and competences, performance management and compensation and incentive systems, focusing on how to foster people motivation and organizational innovation. HRM issues will be discussed considering both the Anglo-Saxon institutional context and the European one with a specific focus on the Italian labour market.

A specific session will be devoted to the special topic of "Social networks in human resource management. The role of individual social networks and the social network analysis for HRM policies will be analysed using practical examples and analytical tools.

Students will be stimulated to participate and learn by interactive teaching approaches: by meeting HRM directors, by working in group, by presenting and discussing project works and case studies, by role playing and visual supported training, and by usin tools for social network analysis
1) MANDATORY SKILLS: Principles of management is comuplsory
2) SUGGESTED SKILLS: International Financial and Management Accounting
1. Key issues in human resource management

2. People management processes:
- People recruitment, selection and induction
- Employees development and competences
- Performance management
- Managing compensation and rewarding performance

3. Special Session : Social network and people management
Gomez-Mejia L.R., Balkin D.B., Cardy R.L., 2010, Managing human resources, New Jersey, Pearson Prentice-Hall, chapters 2, 5, 7, 8, 10 , 11

Kilduff M., Tsai W., 2003, Social netwrok and organization, London, Sage, chapter 2, glossary and appendix 1
In-class lessons, case studies, team work, visual supported training, SNA Social Network Analysis tools. Attendance is strongly suggested
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