Technology and Innovation Management

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2017/2018 Programmi anni precedenti
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Technology and Innovation Management
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PHD011 (AF:261055 AR:153531)
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Corso di Dottorato (D.M.45)
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The course addresses the main technology and innovation management challenges that firms face in a dynamic and turbulent environment. The objective of the course is to analyze the contribution of the strategic organization of innovation in explaining firms’ performance differentials, i.e. what mechanisms related to technology and innovation management can explain why persistent differences in economic performance between industries, and even between firms within the same industry persist. In what follows an outline of the course is provided.
The course is interactive and based on the discussion of seminal papers. To prepare for discussion, student must read all the articles listed in the section “Seminars and mandatory readings”. The students are supposed to be completely familiar with the articles and think critically about their content. The instructor will guide the discussion and introduce the theme of the seminar but will not be the main contributor to the discussion.
Please, look at the ISA material.
scritto e orale
The articles listed in the reading list will be discussed in each seminar (pdf files can be provided upon request). During classes, students will be asked to report on each article following the structure of the paper, step by step (students will rotate during the paper presentation, so each student is supposed to read all the papers and contribute to the discussion on each paper). The aim of such a procedure is not only to analyse the main contribution of the article to the field of technology and innovation management but also the article’s structure, how the authors develop their argument and what can be learnt on how to write a successful academic paper in the field. No power point presentation is expected, but students can use this format if they wish.
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