COLELLI Francesco Pietro

Position PhD Student
Website (personal record)
Office Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics

Publications by year

  • Colelli, FP; Witkop, D; De Cian, E; Tavoni, M Power systems' performance under high renewables' penetration rates: a natural experiment due to the COVID-19 demand shock in ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS, vol. 16, pp. 064018 (ISSN 1748-9326) (Articolo su rivista)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3740478
  • Colelli, FP; De Cian, E Cooling demand in integrated assessment models: a methodological review in ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS, vol. 15, pp. 113005 (ISSN 1748-9326) (Articolo su rivista)
    Link DOI Link al documento: 10278/3733913