Position Adjunct Professor
Telephone 041 234 8528
E-mail - Bluegrass
Fax 041 234 8584
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Office Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics

Daniele does research in Ecology of Mediterranean lagoons and coastal areas, with a focus on direct and indirect effects of anthropogenic pressures on the functioning these systems, and sustainability of aquaculture and fishery in the region. His research makes use of ecological models, based both on experimental data collected in-situ and on satellite derived data.

Research interests:

One line of research deals with the study of the functioning of food webs in Mediterranean lagoons, both through the reconstruction of energy and matter fluxes characterizing specific habitats, and the application of ecological network analysis techniques to derive indicators;

A second line focuses on the study of biogeochemical/ecological processes associated with the degradation of organic matter in coastal marine sediments, carried out by developing and applying mathematical models of early diagenesis, bioturbation and bioirrigation;

A third line of research regards the parameterization and validation of dynamic models describing growth, metabolism and life history traits of single species in response to environmental conditions, carried out by using experimental measures on the eco-physiology of the species. These activities dealt with species both of commercial and conservation interest.

Areas of application of this research include:

  • sustainable management of aquaculture activities, for the implementation of the ecosystem approach to aquaculture promoted by FAO;
  • adaptive management of Mediterranean lagoons and coastal systems, in the framework of climate changes, and in relation to different types of pressures and human interventions, such as fishery, aquaculture, morphological interventions and restoration.

He currently coordinates the Italy-Slovenia Interreg project BLUEGRASS, focusing on aquaponics, financed by EU ERDF funds.


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