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Office Department of Management
Where: San Giobbe

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Articolo su rivista
  • Masiero E., Arkhipova D., Massaro M., Bagnoli C (2019), Corporate accountability and stakeholder connectivity. A case study in MEDITARI ACCOUNTANCY RESEARCH, vol. N/D, pp. 1-40 (ISSN 2049-372X)
    Link DOI Link al documento: 10278/3720668
  • Ilan Oshri, Daria Arkhipova, Giovanni Vaia (2018), Exploring the effect of familiarity and advisory services on innovation outcomes in outsourcing settings in JOURNAL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, vol. link esterno (ISSN 0268-3962)
    Link DOI Link al documento: 10278/3699491
Articolo su libro
  • Giovanni Vaia; William DeLone; Daria Arkhipova; Anna Moretti (2020), Achieving Trust, Relational Governance and Innovation in Information Technology Outsourcing Through Digital Collaboration , Digital Business Transformation Organizing, Managing and Controlling in the Information Age, Springer (ISBN 978-3-030-47355-6)
    Link al documento: 10278/3728125
  • Giovanni Vaia; Daria Arkhipova; Carlo Bagnoli (2019), Il sistema di business , Economia aziendale tra tradizione e innovazione, Milano, Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre, pp. 279-334 (ISBN 9788828810636)
    Link al documento: 10278/3720673
  • Daria Arkhipova; Giovanni Vaia (2019), Partnering for Digital Innovation: A Competence-Based Study. , Digital Services and Platforms. Considerations for Sourcing. Global Sourcing 2018. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, Springer, Cham, vol. 344 (ISBN 978-3-030-15849-1)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3713194
  • Daria Arkhipova; Carlo Bozzoli (2018), Digital Capabilities in Bongiorno, Giorgio; Rizzo, Daniele; Vaia, Giovanni, CIOs and the Digital Transformation. A New Leadership Role, Springer, pp. 121-146 (ISBN 978-3-319-31026-8)
    URL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3703221
  • Ilan Oshri; Daria Arkhipova; Giovanni Vaia (2018), Innovation: Where Do Consultants Fit In? in Leslie P. Willcocks; Ilan Oshri; Julia Kotlarsky, Dynamic Innovation in Outsourcing, Springer, pp. 167-193 (ISBN 978-3-319-75351-5)
    URL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3703246
Articolo in Atti di convegno
  • Giovanni Vaia; William DeLone; Daria Arkhipova; Anna Moretti (2019), OUTSOURCING THROUGH DIGITAL COLLABORATION , The 13th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems (MCIS), 2019, The 13th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems (MCIS), Naples, Italy, 2019, Convegno: The 13th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems (MCIS), Naples, Italy, 2019
    Link al documento: 10278/3724849
  • Cristina Trocin, Gwanhoo Lee, Giovanni Vaia, Daria Arkhipova, Claudio Saccavini (2018), Exploring Unexpected Consequences of Implementing Information Exchange Platform: a Case of the Italian Electronic Health Record , 34th EGOS Colloquium 2018 Proceedings, European Group for Organizational Studies, Convegno: 34th EGOS Colloquium 2018, July 2–7, 2018
    Link al documento: 10278/3713192
Poster in Atti di convegno
  • Cristina Trocin, Daria Arkhipova, Gwanhoo Lee, Giovanni Vaia, Claudio Saccavini (2018), The Effect of Network Centrality of Medical Specialists on Their Performance: Evidence from an Italian Health Information Exchange Platform , ICIS 2018 Proceedings, ICIS/AIS Electronic Library, Convegno: International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), 13-16 December 2018 (ISBN 978-099668317-3)
    URL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3712808
Working paper
Rapporto di ricerca
  • Daria Arkhipova; Giovanni Vaia (2018), The essential ICT Competences that drive digital maturity , APMG International (ISBN 9781527226326)
    Link al documento: 10278/3713193