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Susan De Nardi works at the Ca’ Foscari of Venice University where she teaches English at undergraduate level and prepares students for language certification in line with the Common European Framework of Reference. Before joining Ca’ Foscari she gained EFL teaching experience within the Italian Public Education system in EFL and CLIL provision, specializing in speaking skills, communication and culture, and co-teaching. She has been active in course creation and language teaching for European Social Fund projects aimed at teenagers and adults, at a European level. With Ca’ Foscari she has also been involved in in-service CLIL teacher training programmes for content teachers bringing these language learners to reflect on the potential impact of teaching, communicating and learning in a foreign language (where English is the vehicle for communication).

Her interests include Education Counselling and Professional Development within the framework of Life Long Learning. She has recently gained her Master’s in Education Counselling with the Salesian University of Venice and is currently undertaking further studies in the Psychology of Education.