Short Bio Nunzia Coco, PhD in Management - Ca' Foscari University -Venice, Italy.  BA in Product design at IUAV University of Venice - Venice, Italy (2005)   MA in Visual and Multimedia Communication at University of Venice - Venice, Italy(2008) Master in Interaction Design at Copenaghen Institute of Interaction Design- Copenhagen, DK (2009). PhD in Mangment from Ca'Foscari, with a Disseration entitled: "Designing in the open innovation framework"- 3 essays about crowdsourcing and design thinking.   Nunzia lectured on: Design Foundamentals at IUAV (2013-2014) and at ISIA Urbino (2010-2012) Innovation Managment (2016 -2018) and Service Design (2018-2019)  

Currently: Research Fellow at Ca'Foscari,

title of the project: Digital transformation in small and micro enterprises: determinants, strategic and organizational implications; tutor: Prof. Vladi Finotto

Research Areas

Design & Innovation Management; Crowdsourcing; Digital innovation; Social Innovation; Problem solving; Design thinking; Creative processes.

Working Paper and Publications


  • “Rethinking the role of a cultural entrepreneur in a process of urban regeneration”with M.Calcagno e R.Cavara, working paper
  • “Bend but don’t break:a case study on the unfolding of a cultural entrepreneurial process”with M.Calcagno e R.Cavara, working paper; will be presented at EURAM19 and AIMAC19


  • Dissertation: “Designing in the open innovation framework”. Discussed at Ca’Foscari University of Venice. 10th of April 2018.

    Internal Reviewers: M.Cacagno and A.Comacchio (Ca’Foscari University);

    External Reviewers: S. Brusoni (ETH Zurich) and S. Heafliger (Cass Business School);Committee: S. Brusoni (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), F. Montanari (uniMORE, Modena Reggio Emilia, Italy), F. Visintin (Università di Udine, Italy)

  • “Together we are stronger – framing-reframing at a team level with the help of design thinking” working paper; with A. Niedworok (ETH Zurich) presented at Technology Innovation Management Forum at ETH Zurich


  • "Design thinking: how to shape problem solving without a-priori problem formulation" con il supporto di ETH Zurich - presentation a EGOS 17
  • "Crowdsourcing to co-design meaningful social change" -presentato a AOM 172016
  • "Formulating tasks for the crowd. An empirical investigation of design contests" in collaborazione con prof. Anna Comacchio, Department of Management Ca' Foscari University, ISSN:1998- 7374, accettato a EURAM 16, presentation a IPDMC 16,EGOS 16, AOM 16, OUI 16. Attualmente in revisione per Journal Internazionale
  • "Exploring mechanisms to support processes of interdisciplinary innovation" in collaborazione con prof. Monica Calcagno, Department of Management Ca' Foscari University, accettato a OLCK 2016
  • "Towards design thinking as a management practice: a learning experiment in teaching innovation" in collaborazione con prof. Monica Calcagno e prof.Maria Lusiani, Department of Management Ca' Foscari University, DOI:10.2139/ssrn.2814149; presentation a EGOS 16. Pubblicato come Department Working paper
  • "Open innovation in the digital age: using crowdsourcing to co-design meaningful social change" presentation a WOIC 16, selezionato tra gli student best paper a WOIC 16. In revisione per Journal internazionale



  • Coco, Nunzia; Calcagno, Monica; Lusiani, Maria (2017), Struggles and Triggers in a Design Thinking journey Link : 10278/3691771 abstract


  • Coco, Nunzia; Calcagno, Monica; Lusiani, Maria (2016), Towards Design Thinking as a Management Practice: A Learning Experiment in Teaching Innovation , vol. 1, pp. 1-27 (ISSN 2239-2734)Link DOI Link : 10278/3677375 abstract