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ECONOMIA POLITICA (GIAPPONE) - [LM5140] VENEZIA (160493): esami modalità emergenza covid-19

Pubblicato il 24/05/2020

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Every student, attending the classes, is expected to take actively part into team work, conducting a case study of cross border M&A with a Japanese corporation involved and delivering interim and final group presentations. Because the case study will be conducted as team work/effort, your active and continuing participation into the classes (sessions), related team work and preparation activities is absolutely required. Team performance, individual substantial contribution to it and sensitivity towards the given situation and social context & consistency in argumentation, originality in core propositions and creativity in expression will be evaluated through a combined peer review and top down assessment.
Non-attending students take an exam during the regular examination periods. The exam will cover all lecture inputs (A-module) and guidances for the case study (B-module-inputs), related teaching materials uploaded to Moodle LM 5140 and the main reference.
The writing will take place during exam hours, in one or more rooms of Google Meet, depending on subscribed students number. Students must have the video camera turned on for the duration of the exam and show an identification document when asked.
a) contents as above
b) 20 true/false questions (Examination Test LM 5140 AY 2019/2020: 30 minutes, 20 x 1,5 points= max. 30 points)

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